Features of pests

Pests are insects or rodents; you should also know that not all animals are pests. There are various characteristics of pests that are discussed below.

Chance to harm a man

For an animal to be referred to as a pest simply is because it has the ability to harm someone in a particular way. A mosquito is a pest because it bites humans and causes diseases, insects that damage crops are also pests because they cause destruction.

Living habits

A pest lives in a particular place where it gets food, shelter, and a place to breed; this is how an animal becomes a pest. For instance, bed bugs survive from sucking human blood; a bed provides them shelter and breeding space.

High population

An animal becomes a pest only if they are grown to a big population and is able to disturb people; it should also have a high rate of breeding. Look at termites; they have this feature; a single termite doesn’t qualify to be a pest.